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Dublin's Favorite!

Tiger Ice Cream is the product of thirty years experience and has always been part of our life. With this experience comes knowledge has thought us to continue to strive for our goals and most importantly to impress our customers. Pride in our profession and confidence in our products will guarantee that every ice cream we deliver to you will be glorious! Served with a smile!

All of our vehicles registered with the EVO certified by the HSE ad HACCP compliant. We are fully insured and all documents can be provided on request.



Vintage Vans

Our Vintage 1960s Morris LD5 vans are our labour of love. Dual powered using either diesel or electricity allow use both indoors and outside. We believe the combination of new technologies with our beautifully restored ice cream vans will be attractive to both event organisers and members of the public.



Our Traditional Ice Cream Bikes are our business-on-wheels venture. With old style graphics and an eco-friendly carbon footprint, these bikes will take pride of place wherever they go. Equipped with manual hand bells, customers come running when they hear them ringing!  


Modern Vans

The Tiger Ice Cream Vans are our company’s flagship vehicles. Our vans are made to the highest specification using modern technology to enhance quality. The combining of the Tiger graphic exterior with the essential service with a smile, our flagship vans compliment any event large or small

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